At Abagold you’ll find a team-focused environment that thrives on innovation and encourages you to do extraordinary things. That’s because every day, we give you the chance to take novel approaches to aquaculture processes by actively recognising and rewarding people who strive to bring innovations about in all they do. These might be small or large innovations, but together they all contribute to us achieving our vision.

As abalone farming and aquatic feed company, Abagold was announced the national winner of the Innovation Award at the Productivity SA awards function held in Johannesburg on 30 October 2014.

Abagold won the award for their innovative new water reticulation system designed by their engineering manager, Christiaan de Wet.

The new system was recently commissioned and is up to 18% more energy efficient than the system it replaced.

Sea water is pumped through the system at a rate of more than 10 million litres per hour and the system is designed to handle more than 15 million litres per hour at full capacity.

Christo du Plessis, previous managing director of Abagold, said receiving the award “is very satisfying as innovation is one of Abagold’s values. The recognition received is a testament that the staff of Abagold live the values of the company”.