At Abagold, diversity is not a program or initiative; it’s the way we do business and one of the keys to our success. To sustain and grow our business across all areas, we require diverse business perspectives and the
flexibility to work with a variety of people wherever we conduct business. Our work must reflect and respect the cultures, ideas and interests of the market we serve and the communities we touch and attract our employees from.

Abagold’s commitment to diversity is reflected in two key components of business philosophy:

Communication, we listen carefully to diverse points of view and engage in thoughtful dialogue to broaden our understanding of issues in order to better address the needs and concerns of society and each other.

Respect, we respect the religious, culture and ethics of people throughout the world. We recognise the moral and business value of equal opportunity, diversity and respect. We’re transforming our workforce at all levels, so that it reflects the demographics of our country and helps to ensure that those skills developed by all of our employees are being used optimally within our business. Enhancing diversity in our workforce has been a high priority for Abagold over the years.