Abagold is proud of our Winning Culture. Over the years, Abagold has won numerous Awards in various sectors. Exporter of the Year Award 2008, Female Entrepreneur 2011, Exporter of the Year Award 2012, IDC Business partner Awards 2013, SADC Annual Quality award 2014, Exporter of the Year Awards 2014. It is based on several important foundational values:

  • Integrity – Through purpose and principle we ensure natural and safe products
  • Respect – For each other, shareholders, society and the planet
  • Quality – Everything we do and produce
  • Innovation – Striving for continuous improvement
  • Responsibility – Towards the team and the long-term sustainability of our company

Our culture is team oriented, non-hierarchical and innovative. It gives people a chance to make bigger, earlier and more frequent contributions than would be the case in many companies. For people who want to learn quickly and be given the opportunity to try new things in a high performing Aquaculture organisation, Abagold is a great place to work.