Abagold cultivates Abalone, the world’s most desirable seafood, in close harmony with nature, at the southernmost tip of Africa. The pristine cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean provide the necessary nutrients and environment for the production of the highest quality Abalone. We export our live, canned and dried abalone all over the world and build lasting relationships with our customers.


Abagold has recently partnered with Port Nolloth Sea Farms on the North Western coast of Southern Africa to implement an innovative ranching project. We are excited about the process of introducing our farmed baby abalone into the nutrient rich Atlantic Ocean and allowing the growing process to happen in a naturally sustainable ranched environment over a ten year period.


Thanks to thirty years of experience and recent expansion and improvements to our world class hatchery, Abagold now produces sufficient volumes of spat to allow selection of the strongest animals. This selection process has been refined over the years and allows the business to provide spat to the industry for sale, as well as growing more animals for our ranching project.


Our canning and processing facility is a quality benchmark for canned and dried abalone from South Africa. The certification of ISO22000 validates our commitment to quality at all times. Substantial development in the processing of the product as well as different sauces and brines further enhance the delectable flavours and “candy heart” that Abagold is known for.


In 2013 Abagold became self-sufficient in the supply of its own Abalone feed. Subsequently, Abagold has invested R20 million into a state of the art specialised feed processing facility in Hermanus where a range of feed products and supplements are produced for the agricultural industry.


Join us for an educational tour to see the inner workings of a South African Abalone farm. This tour offers a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the farming environment, taste the product and most importantly to see, experience and understand these intriguing animals that are part of the delicate ecosystems of the kelp forests off the Western Cape coastline.


Abalone are not endemic to South Africa and with the correct environment, can be farmed almost anywhere in the world. Abagold has invested time and resources in understanding the Omani Abalone cultivation process and developing relationships in this incredible Middle East country. Abagold intends to invest heavily in the cultivation and production of Abalone in Oman in the near future.


In 2012 Abagold unveiled its alternative energy plans in partnership with Mean Sea Level (MSL), including a world first commercial Wave Energy Converter (WEC). MSL has already commissioned an in-house designed and developed 100kW capacity hydroelectric energy recovery turbine and is currently constructing the 1MW WEC, expected to come on line in 2016.

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Welcome to Abagold

Abagold produces abalone in close harmony with nature in South Africa. The pristine cool water of the Atlantic Ocean provides the necessary nutrients for the cultivation of the highest quality abalone. We export our canned and dried abalone all over the world and build lasting relationships with our customers.

Company Structure

Abagold has an abalone hatchery, four grow-out farms and a state-of-the-art canning and processing facility. Furthermore, we value our employees and offer a support system to assist them in further education. Read More

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Abagold provides South African abalone products of the highest quality. Our factory is fully GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Hazard analysis and Critical Control Points). This ensures you get safe and fresh abalone products from Abagold. Read More

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If you are looking for work in Hermanus, Abagold might just be your answer. Abagold has always embraced innovation and always focused on helping to ensure that Abalone Cultivation in South Africa is World Class. Read More